My birthday is tomorrow!

And even though I am not going anywhere or doing anything, I am still excited! 😀 I got on here real quick so that I could post some pics of things I have made lately.
My baguette is felted….but still drying from Sunday! SHEESH! But here are pics of the bag pre-felting. You can find the pattern HERE. (third pattern down)…but I used a SG Wonderloom and added crocheted sides to mine, so mine really looks nothing like the pattern. LOL!

And here is a pic of the baby bonnet (by Pam Keville) I made with LoomClass on Monday evening. Yes it is a very quick and easy pattern that is really a great idea to make for any new baby coming along. 😀

This is the close up of the baby socks w/sharp heel (pattern by ‘mi querida amiga’, Graciela)

And I was test looming this for a friend (all other info will be withheld until friend puts her pattern up for the public….but I couldn’t resist and had to show ya’ll how pretty my Lady Tru is in this hat!)

I managed to get 4 preemie hats finished yesterday as well. And I hope to make a few booties when out at town, today. 😀


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