The Ravelry group ‘Loom Along’ we aren’t really doing one pattern this month.  We’re doing any and every pumpkin pattern you want!  It’s fun.  Some people are using existing patterns, some are putting modifications on patterns, and I am making my own patterns.  I have two of them so far (with ideas for many more!)
Here is Calabacita: Little Pumpkin
002And this one is Tiger Pumpkin
007Both are really small and fit in your hand.  Calabacita is about 2″ tall and Tiger Pumpkin is about 3″ tall.  They were made on my 30 peg Kiss 2-Way Adjustable loom, but you can make it on any loom with a multiple of 5 pegs (preferably at least 20 pegs so that your pumpkin doesn’t look funny.)  If you want the pattern for them, just click on their titles above the pictures.  😀  Keep coming back for more pumpkins as the month progresses!