I’m Baaaaaack!

Well, hello there! Long time, no see! Did ya miss me? I’ve missed you. 😊
I’ve discovered the WordPress app for my iPhone. It’s the only Internet I have had in over a year now. So now I’m gonna try to resurrect my poor blog. LOL! I’ve been a little too busy taking care of my baby niece (who turns one one December 29th) while her Mommy is at work (2-11 pm) to craft much this year. But I hope to get more time. I’ve been working more with the White sewing machine (aka Wendalyn) this year. Still terrified of her, so I work quite slowly. Hahaha! But I can sew simple things. The next sewing project will be pajama pants for Lady Tru and myself.
And you might see more of me online if you are participating in the Monthly Loom-a-long Ravelry group’s December project. The project will be my McCoy Mitts pattern, found on the ‘Free Patterns’ page here on the blog or on Ravelry. This pattern was written for the Kiss Looms, but can be made on the 24 peg round blue Knifty Knitter or one of similar size and peg count. Come and loom party with me for the month of December, y’all! I’m so excited! I really REALLY love patterns with cables! And since it is snowing right now (yes, you read right! It’s the end of November and SNOWING in northeast Mississippi! :-O), it’s perfect weather for some mitts! And these are super quick to loom up as last minute Christmas gifties!