Everyone needs a Yarn Bowl!

Do any of you recall me mentioning something about yarn bowls way back when?  I’ve been yearning for one ever since I first saw a pic of the ones that are made at www.knitwitch.com and I seriously never thought that I’d ever get one.  I mean, when we do have extra money, Chris and I go into very deep negotiations over a new loom or buying new yarn…..to think that I could find some way of justifying a clay bowl designed to hole a ball of yarn while I am knitting, crocheting, or looming…well, I think it would be impossible.  And especially since it cost as much as a loom.  But to me, they were beautiful works of art and deserved the price they had on them.  Besides, each one is one of a kind!  Seriously, gorgeous! 
Well, a friend that goes by the name of CHERYL MINCEY (I just had to make sure she was put on the spot here) e-mailed me a few weeks ago.  She flat out told me that she stalks my blog.  **SQUEAL**  I’m being stalked!  😀  And she mentioned that she had read that I had seen the yarn bowls and really wanted one.  This gal lives right on down the road from the Knit Witch and Warlock (which in southern terms could actually mean a distance of 50 miles or so, but it’s just down the road to us).  She asked me if I had managed to get my hands on one yet and I told her no.  Well, next thing I know she has sent me a gift certificate so that I could pick one out and there was enough left on the certificate and in my paypal account so that I could pick out a spindle bowl!  How EXCITING!
And with out further delay, my bee-autiful yarn and spindle bowls!
Yarn and Spindle Bowl

And a close up of the yarn bowl, showing the nice little slit and hole where your yarn feeds through!  Inside the bowl is a sock that I am knitting up.  Hopefully, when I am done, I’ll write my very first needle knit sock pattern and I am crossing my fingers to be able to write it up for loomers as well.  Just have to do my math.  😉  (Now that I have said something I’ll jinx it and not be able to write a pattern for either needles or loom!  :P)
Yarn Bowl

Aren’t the colors on that bowl, just gorgeous?!  I mean, I like the colors on my spindle bowl just as well, but the yarn bowl is so calming.  And both of them have a felt bottom so it doesn’t scratch my coffee table, or slide from the couch very easily.  If I ever break this bowl….I’LL JUST DIE!
Now, on my agenda is to acquire one of the ‘Fair Isle’ bowls.  They are a little larger and have a slit on each side so you can knit with more than one color or ball at a time.  😀  I was thinking of trying to knit two socks at once, soon. 

This was a very awesome gift and I greatly appreciate it.  Things have been tough around here and this gift has lifted my spirits a good bit.  I smile every time I look at it.  Cheryl, you’re awesome!  (And you’re now mentioned on the blog that you stalk!  LOL!)