OMG! Laughing so hard I cried!

Until recently, I always thought of Martha Stewart as ‘Satan Lady’ (isn’t that awful?!)  I refused to watch her show that just so happens to come on right before my soaps.  😛  But, my daughter turned it there by accident a few weeks ago and I realized that most of the stuff on the show is not HER crafts and recipes but those of others.  Then I started watching it a little more.  I have caught a glimpse of the real Martha Stewart, though she tries to compose herself.  This woman….well, she’s a woman.  She has the occasional dirty thought!  (gasp!)  I am actually enjoying ‘Satan Lady’s Show’!  OMG!  But that is not what has me laughing until I cried and couldn’t finish watching b/c of the tears and the fact my stomach was hurting.  THIS is what caused that!  I will never view her as ‘Satan Lady’ again.  Martha, my dear, you are now considered to be a normal person in my eyes.  I don’t think you’re evil anymore.  I am sure that you are now giving a sigh of relief!  🙂  Sorry about all that misunderstanding before.  Can I see more bloopers?  Please?!  😀

My Latest Accomplishments

I have a few questions for ya’ll: 
The first one concerns the poncho/cape.  It is done on the Kiss Loom.  I am not 100% proud of it (though I have worn it several times since finishing it last week….soooo warm), but I am wondering if anyone would be interested in a pattern for it?  It will be a ‘for sale’ pattern at about $3 or $3.50, if I write it up.  🙂  So, I just want to know if anyone would be interested in purchasing it.  If not, I’ll keep the secret to myself.  LOL!

The next question is about the beret (made on my SG DaLooms Wonderloom, the pattern will have the child and adult versions in it).  I need a name for it and I want it to be French….but I don’t know any French besides ‘bonjour’ and ‘au revoir’ (sp?).  I am about to go on a search for a French translation site, but was wondering what your ideas would be if you were to name it.  I was thinking of calling it ‘Glory’ (or, more like the French word for ‘Glory’).  Or something similar.  So…..what are your thoughts? 

Besides my two designs, I have been teaching (more like sitting back and waiting for messages) in Loom Class this week.  They are working on an Awareness Ribbon Block which I thought would be appropriate since women feel so strongly about breast cancer awareness and this is the month for that.  I know that there are a gazillion other ribbon colors for different conditions and things that are close to peoples’ hearts.  I figured someone could find a ribbon color for SOMETHING they care about.  Besides, this block teaches how to do ‘intarsia’ colorwork and that is a great skill to learn!  😀  So far, the ribbon blocks I have seen have made me so proud of my students.  They have done a wonderful job!  😀
Well, today I am gonna finish up the adult size beret then work on afghan blocks for my niece’s Christmas present.  😛
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!