I just found something AWESOME!!!

This:  Rhodes Bake-n-Serve Bread Giveaway!
I didn’t know that this even existed!  And you can bet that I will be checking my freezer section for frozen dough the next time I hit the grocery store!  I love making bread at home.  It tastes………I can’t describe it.  Just eating it warm with butter on it.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!  And the kids seem to enjoy it more than the store bought bread anyway.  That stuff goes moldy within 2 days down here in muggy/humid Mississippi.  Seems like all those preservatives they put in there would keep the bread from going moldy.  I have been told that it is the HFCS (high fructose corn syrup).  I don’t care what it is, we don’t have the money to waste buying expensive bread and throwing half of it away multiple times a week.  This Rhodes dough stuff will save me tons of time (so that I can bake something else….like cookies!  And maybe we could have fresh bread more often….we could probably eat a loaf a day if I could bring myself to make a loaf a day.  LOL!
Keep your fingers crossed that I win, ya’ll!!!!
Mmmmm, now I need to do my Weekly Home Blessing so that I can make a loaf of bread!  😀

My first publication!

I am so proud. I am officially published in the Loom Knitter’s Circle magazine!
My pattern is ‘Leaves a Mark’, which you can find a link to under the picture of my best friend’s earrings on the home page!!! Great job, Jenny! And my tutorial for how to do the KFB increase on the looms is under the ‘articles’ tab! Let’s all do a happy dance for me!!!!
And while you’re there, check out the awesome earrings pattern by Jenny and the cute bangle bracelets by Isela and the awesome hats by Brenda. Oh, and another bookmark in there that is by Stacie Walsh. That cute little ‘candy corn’ bag by Isela…..GEEZ, the whole section of patterns is just cute and a MUST SEE!
Why are you still reading this? Go check it out!!!!!!!!!!!

First Handspun Yarn

Well, on Tuesday I recieved my very first drop spindle.  She is a bottom whorl, handpainted drop spindle by Annie May on Etsy.com. 

Isn’t she pretty?  🙂
The roving that came with the ‘learn to spin’ kit was 4 oz of Ashland Trading Co. colonial wool top in a Seafoam color.  The first handspun from it wasn’t disastrous or horrendous, as I expected it would be….but it wasn’t gorgeous either.  LOL!

Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog.  Please excuse the mess while I move in and try to get everything unpacked!  Check back often to see how things are progressing, though! 
Ya’ll come back now, ya here?  🙂