Working hard or hardly working?

Those are the two possibilities as to why I wouldn’t have made a post lately, right? Well, the correct one is working hard. Working hard on what?
Well, there is the sweater that a bunch of us are making on the Kiss Loom Group.
Graciela wrote the pattern for a simple sweater for us. Of course, it was so simple that I HAD to make it challenging by changing things up. I shortened the body by 20 rows and lengthened the arms by 15 rows. Well, I basically made up the sleeves all on my own b/c I didn’t cast on as many pegs as she called for either. 😛 I guess changing patterns will always be a weakness of mine. LOL!
In the middle of doing the sweater I decided I would work on a crocheted poncho off and on, so that I didn’t get bored with one thing. I am very proud of it. Made it from the yarn that a friend sent me as a late birthday gift. Her is name is Karen and she is from Portland, Oregon. We have been friends for years and she likes to send me surprise Christmas and birthday gifts. 😀 She is the one that got me the flower loom and spool loom for Christmas if you guys recall those. We attempted to start needle knitting at the same time, but she works a lot and doesn’t get the instant gratification that I do. She is contemplating getting some looms, though. She said she spent an hour touching and caressing yarn before picking out three skeins of Lion Brand Jiffy in deep purple for me. 😀 I love the poncho which you can find the pattern for free on . It is labeled as the ‘Town and Country Poncho’.

And a friend of mine e-mailed me this past week that her husband had passed away. Oh, how my heart ached that I couldn’t do anything. So, I set out to crochet her a little animal. Everytime someone close to me passes away I purchase a stuffed animal to represent that person and when I am having a hard time and want to talk to them or cry, etc, I pick up the stuffed animal and talk to it. I know, it is probably stupid, but it is a comfort thing for me. I decided I was going to crochet the ‘Baby Penguin’ from my ‘Amigurumi World’ book….but the baby penguin wasn’t as small as I thought it would be. I wanted something that my friend could keep in her purse or carry with her easily. The baby penguin is at least 6″ tall. Besides, Lady Tru got up from her nap and totally claimed him. She threw a fit when I needed him back so that I could stitch his wings on. We named him ‘Pepe’.

Besides that stuff, I have completed test looming a pigtail hat…which I will be teaching in ‘Class’ next month for my dear friend, WandaJean. She will be away from home for like 2 months and asked if I would teach it for her. How fun, huh?

I also made a bonnet (by Pam Keville) and baby booties (by Graciela) with ‘Class’.

I got a very special, handmade preemie bootie loom for my birthday. They make these tiny little booties! I am working on making hats and booties that match now. 😀 NOTE: That bottom pic of the preemie booties is showing that the sole is only 2″ long. Perfeclty Precious! 🙂

Oh, and I tested Jenny‘s block for next week and it is very cool! I need to make a tutorial on how to complete the bobbles on the Kiss Loom before the class starts. I just have to figure out what way would be best to do it….video or photos. I don’t know if the webcam I have is a good enough quality to make a video. And I could try with my digital camera, but then I am limited on time and have to figure out how to prop it up b/c the tripod that we got free with my other camera is not really made for the big Canon cameras that I like to have. It is more for those tiny, skinny little digital cameras. 😛
And right now I am testing out Stephanie‘s pattern for next month’s block. Lace work! You guys are gonna love it.
I need to sit down and get to work on my own designs. I want to work out a pretty cable design for a block for July. And I want to make a tank top with an intricate cable pattern that is in the center of the bust area. WandaJean Sims sent me my ‘Teacher’s Apreciation Holiday’ gift early, since they will be out of town, and I got a lot of baby yarn (for the preemies) and two skeins of blue yarn that I think will make a pretty tank top. I just really have to work on math calculations AND what kind of straps I want it to have. Wide ones, skinny ones, etc.? 😀 Wanda also sent me a pack of sewing needles and a pack of her favorite stitch markers which are really good stitch markers!
Ok, well, I know this wasn’t a very productive post, but that is what you have to deal with for now. 😀

My birthday was absolutely the BEST!!!

I got tons of goodies! More than ever before which makes my 26th birthday the best one ever! 😀 Now, you guys have to top it next year….JUST JOKIN’!
So, here is a rundown of the gifts I received:
-Perfectly pink yarn (2 balls) and a handmade card
-12″ Lace Knitting Board by DA Looms
-6 skeins of Lion Brand Wool, pattern for a cute birdhouse handbag, coloring books and crayon thingies (for the kids), needle threader, card and DOVE chocolate.
-Two little tiny preemie baby bootie looms (which I didn’t get a pic of)
-Big bag of yarn (which half of it was already sorta claimed b/c my MIL wants me to make my niece an afghan. Don’t have a pic of this either, but imagine the largest bag possible from Wal-Mart and fill it with yarn. Don’t know if I will use the colors anytime soon, but yarn is an awesome gift, right? 😀 Most is Red Heart but some is Bernat Softee Chunky.)
-Wooden crochet hook set, dinner at Capt. D’s, and a movie (Forbidden Kingdom)…OH! And my birthday cake! LOL!
-Drop spindle that a friend is sending me as soon as her spinning wheel arrives. The spindle is coming from England b/c her hubby was stationed over there just months before being sent to Iraq and that is where she is right now. 😀

That is a good list, right? So here are the pics:
You must promise not to laugh at the cake (WHATEVER!) Hubby told me not to put it on the net…and poor man thought I was gonna listen. LOL!

And this is my felted baguette, finally dry, and ready to be shipped to my Mama for Mother’s Day b/c I will be making a new one with the Lion Brand Wool. 😀

THANK YOU to everyone for your wishes and gifts! They meant a whole lot to me (and show me just how appreciated all my help is. 😀 Not like I didn’t feel appreciated in the first place b/c with every ‘Thank you’ that ya’ll have given, my heart swells with love. :D)

My birthday is tomorrow!

And even though I am not going anywhere or doing anything, I am still excited! 😀 I got on here real quick so that I could post some pics of things I have made lately.
My baguette is felted….but still drying from Sunday! SHEESH! But here are pics of the bag pre-felting. You can find the pattern HERE. (third pattern down)…but I used a SG Wonderloom and added crocheted sides to mine, so mine really looks nothing like the pattern. LOL!

And here is a pic of the baby bonnet (by Pam Keville) I made with LoomClass on Monday evening. Yes it is a very quick and easy pattern that is really a great idea to make for any new baby coming along. 😀

This is the close up of the baby socks w/sharp heel (pattern by ‘mi querida amiga’, Graciela)

And I was test looming this for a friend (all other info will be withheld until friend puts her pattern up for the public….but I couldn’t resist and had to show ya’ll how pretty my Lady Tru is in this hat!)

I managed to get 4 preemie hats finished yesterday as well. And I hope to make a few booties when out at town, today. 😀