Feeling quite productive

Fiber ButtonI’m feeling quite productive, thanks to this challenge put out by the Fiber ‘Tudes gals (and having found the Central Park Hoodie pattern).   I have finished the back of the hoodie and have the shoulders bound off and stitches to be picked up for the hood on a stitch holder.  And I am about a little over a third of the way through one of the front sections (it’s like a jacket, so there are two front pieces).  It’s lookin’ good……. 😀
Besides that and all the other yarn craft stuff I have done this month, I have also read through the entire Twilight Saga!  So, how is that for productivity?!

On a side note: being obsessed with the Twilight Saga can cause your house to become a little…messy.  And considering that I will have company next weekend, maybe I shouldn’t have started those books this month.  But I do have a whole week to clean, so let’s all pray that I am able to get it done in time!  😀


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