Days 4 and 5 of the Daily Dose of Fiber

Fiber ButtonI’m still doing Fiber ‘Tudes Daily Dose of Fiber Challenge!  How about you?
Ok, so on Tuesday, August 4th I crocheted a new ‘BifferShrug’ (Swiffer mop pad) for my Swiffer Wet Jet.  It took me a few hours, but the kids didn’t help by interrupting all the time.  I did make the note to make the next one a little wider b/c the original pattern was written for the dry/wet mops and those are obviously smaller than my Wet Jet.  😀

On Wednesday, August 5th, I casted onto my loom and started on another afghan block swatch that will have a slipped stitch ‘rib’ look.  I’ll probably work as much as I can on that today.  The socks got pushed to the side for a while.  (What else is new?  Their my back burner project.  Maybe I’ll get them done by Christmas.  Yeah, a good Christmas gift to myself!)

I also found out yesterday from my FIL that I’ll be singing at the Baldwyn Community Center at 2pm on Saturday…all….by….my…self.  Prospect Worship Center is having a thingy up there at that community center and called to ask him if our ‘group’ could perform in that spot.  Problem is: he has to work on Saturday, SIL (who is also in the group) will hopefully be moving into her new home that day, and my cousin-in-law….well we haven’t heard out of him in a while so the assumption is that he is really busy.  He wouldn’t be able to practice before the gig because of his work schedule anyway.  😛  So, that left me.  I’m probably the only one of us brave enough to stand in front of a crowd all alone and sing anyway.  To tell you the truth, after every performance, it is all a blur.  I can’t recall anything….not even if I sang the right lyrics.  LOL!  I’m not scared (just a little nervous right before stepping on stage, the normal: what if I forget the lyrics type of thing) but I just sorta don’t remember anything.  Hahaha!
Wish me luck, and if you can be there that’d be great!  You know you love me!  MWAH!


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