Daily Dose of Fiber Challenge

My friend, Karen Gielen, has a BlogTalkRadio show with a few of her friends.  The show is called Fiber ‘Tudes and I’ve decided that it would be perfect to listen to on my iPod Touch.  😀  They’ve recently sent up the challenge to create every day in August for at least 20 minutes a day.  That shouldn’t be too hard for me, since I usually have yarn in my hands a lot of the time.  And I figure since I am in a designing rut (meaning I’ve really only created a few new designs throughout this year so far and I don’t have the urge to design anything new at the moment….and let’s not have me confess the embarassing admission of how many times I’ve picked up a loom to make things with as of lately) I could maybe use this challenge to help me get my creativity back.
Personally, I’m not sad that my creativity went on vacation.  I’m feeling less stressed and learning to say ‘no’ for a change.  And I think that God has other plans for me since I was nominated as Youth Leader and Song Leader at church.  I’ve also thought it would be nice to start some kind of women’s group to meet once a month (because our men have been meeting and having a blast….I feel left out!  :P)
Anyway, back to my point!  I ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE AND WILL NOW CRAFT FOR AT LEAST 20 MINUTES A DAY WITH YARN FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH OF AUGUST!  Even when my dad comes home to fix a few things that desperately need attention, I’ll sit down in the evening and knit or crochet.  And I think the actual hard part will be remembering to blog about it.  LOL!
I encourage all you others out there that read my neglected blog to accept their challenge too.  Just go to Fiber ‘Tudes and follow the rules in this post.

What are you hanging around here for?  Go follow the steps to enter this challenge!  😛