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I have a few questions for ya’ll: 
The first one concerns the poncho/cape.  It is done on the Kiss Loom.  I am not 100% proud of it (though I have worn it several times since finishing it last week….soooo warm), but I am wondering if anyone would be interested in a pattern for it?  It will be a ‘for sale’ pattern at about $3 or $3.50, if I write it up.  🙂  So, I just want to know if anyone would be interested in purchasing it.  If not, I’ll keep the secret to myself.  LOL!

The next question is about the beret (made on my SG DaLooms Wonderloom, the pattern will have the child and adult versions in it).  I need a name for it and I want it to be French….but I don’t know any French besides ‘bonjour’ and ‘au revoir’ (sp?).  I am about to go on a search for a French translation site, but was wondering what your ideas would be if you were to name it.  I was thinking of calling it ‘Glory’ (or, more like the French word for ‘Glory’).  Or something similar.  So…..what are your thoughts? 

Besides my two designs, I have been teaching (more like sitting back and waiting for messages) in Loom Class this week.  They are working on an Awareness Ribbon Block which I thought would be appropriate since women feel so strongly about breast cancer awareness and this is the month for that.  I know that there are a gazillion other ribbon colors for different conditions and things that are close to peoples’ hearts.  I figured someone could find a ribbon color for SOMETHING they care about.  Besides, this block teaches how to do ‘intarsia’ colorwork and that is a great skill to learn!  😀  So far, the ribbon blocks I have seen have made me so proud of my students.  They have done a wonderful job!  😀
Well, today I am gonna finish up the adult size beret then work on afghan blocks for my niece’s Christmas present.  😛
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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    Oct 11, 2008 @ 16:25:29

    Way cute stuff there Robin!
    I use BabelFish via I put in the phrase “Greater Glory Hat,” and they came up with “Un plus grand chapeau de gloire.”
    How’s that for translation?!


    Oct 11, 2008 @ 16:26:04

    Oooops! Make that
    My mistake.


  3. isela
    Oct 11, 2008 @ 16:30:06

    The first thing I noticed when I saw the beret was the smile. I would name it Sourire (it means smile) .

    As far as the poncho goes, it is really cute, I like the lace at the bottom, but I think you will have more chances with it if the pattern was for more than just the Kiss–look at your market and see what looms your market has, if 50% have the KKs, then your best bet is to focus on making the pattern for the KKs.


  4. karen
    Oct 11, 2008 @ 17:01:40

    I think the poncho is adorable although I do not have a kiss loom. Now for the hat…how about
    Champignon means mushroom in french…kind of reminds me of one


  5. kate
    Oct 11, 2008 @ 19:05:07

    I really like the poncho, but I don’t have a kiss loom and probably won’t be able to invest in one this year. I think if you would include a regular loom version or at least guidence as to what gauge loom might work, I would very much want to buy this pattern. The bottom detail is so nice!


  6. Karen
    Oct 11, 2008 @ 22:07:48

    I am completely in accordance with Isela, the market is mostly KKs. I came to that conclusion a while back and started focusing mostly on those looms. It’s tough since those have such a large gauge. I know when I see a really cute pattern for something made on a loom and I see it is for a loom I don’t have, I usually don’t bother looking again. This has always been the case. Even patterns in loom pattern books. It’s a big investment to go out and buy a special loom for only one or two projects. It isn’t like needles where you can go out and buy a pair for under $5 bucks at your local Walmart. The only time I actually went out and bought a loom for a pattern I saw was for socks since socks you wear in your regular shoes are not possible on a large gauge loom (usually). Also, I knew I could make dishcloths on my fine gauge and extra fine gauge looms, and then eventually I made gloves on those looms as well. The cape is totally darling and I think you should be very proud of it. Do you think it can be converted over to a KK?


  7. Sydney
    Oct 11, 2008 @ 22:22:57

    The first thing I noticed is that “Princess Stephanie” has a beautiful smile and big blue eyes:-). I would definitely purchase both patterns whether they are for KK’s or Kisses, I am comfy with both. The capelet is just down right georgeous!! Be proud Robin! You did good!


  8. Lisa Anderson
    Oct 11, 2008 @ 22:40:39

    I don’t have the Kiss loom nor do I plan to buy it due to my hands unable to work the components. So its a personal thing for me. Its wonderful however. Now if it could be translated onto a KK or one of Da looms as I have several now and very proud of them:-) I would be more inclined to think about it better. I do have all guages of looms now!! humm, might have to get the new da sock loom that came out tho. lol~~ Yep addicted to Da Looms.

    Now for the hat. LOVE IT!! Would be happy to buy it and think its great that I have the loom already for it and that your doing 2 sizes to it. So would do this one.



  9. Barbara
    Oct 12, 2008 @ 04:01:03

    Robin, your cape is stunning!!! I, too, am one of those without a KISS loom so how about you just make me a cape? LOL! Seriously, options for other looms would make the marketing easier.


  10. Melissa
    Oct 12, 2008 @ 09:21:06

    How about “papillon”? It means butterfly, and thats one of my favorit things. 🙂


  11. martha
    Oct 12, 2008 @ 15:27:13

    love both creations. don’t have a loom that either could be maded on, but still love them.

    and i like the suggestion for using the word for “smile”


  12. Maria
    Oct 12, 2008 @ 16:55:37

    Robin, I am so proud of you. These designs are lovely. Of course I would be interested in buying them.

    The poncho is wonderful and the beret is beautiful. I love the way she is wearing it, as saying “My Mom did it for me”


  13. Jocelyne
    Oct 12, 2008 @ 18:47:25

    It’s a beautiful beret (and poncho too).

    Je le nommerais “Splendide bérêt”


  14. gettinitpegged
    Oct 13, 2008 @ 16:53:41

    Robin, you’ve been so busy! 😀 I love both immensely!!! I think the capelett is wonderful…love the lace detail. The beret is so adorable…especially when graced with such a beautiful model! 😉 When I looked at it, the first name that came to mind was “The Sonya” …but really like the name for smile as well-very appropriate in this case.

    As to purchasing…I would definitely purchase the beret, as it is for a loom that I have, or could easily modify. I don’t have the KISS looms, so I would be inclined to agree with Isela and Karen about providing an alternate translation for the KK’s. Wonderful job, Robin! You ARE rockin’! 😉


  15. CMS
    Nov 14, 2008 @ 22:11:50

    I love the poncho. Saw someone in a store wearing something similar a few weeks ago and nearly followed her around trying to get a better look at it. Would definitely be interested in a pattern, but I’ve only used KK looms. Not sure if I’d spend the money on a special loom. Could it be adapted to the KK?


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