Getting to know me, getting to know all about me!

Bethany is having a Blogiversary Party and it is game time!!!!

1. What was your age when you first discovered your love of yarn? What (or who) was it that introduced you to all that fibery goodness?
I was 25 (it was last September) and my friend, Shannon, who lived in North Carolina at the time, but has since gotten married and the army moved her husband to England so she had to follow, is the one that introduced me…but she had set out to start me on needles when I got sidetracked by those curious multi-colored looms in Hobby Lobby. πŸ˜€
2. If you could sit down with anyone in the world to have a little knit along, who would it be?
Only my favorite loomy friends: Jenny, Karen, Bethany, Graciela, Trudy, and Dianne…and probably a few others as well!
3. What is your favorite comfy place or position in which to work with yarn? I mainly choose my rocking chair. I need to learn to sew so I can make some comfier cushions, but it is a ‘safe’ place b/c there is no room for little kids to squeeze in with me and mess up my projects. πŸ˜€
4. Like our heroin in the story below, do you ever dream about soft fuzzy goodness? Or how to do a particular technique you’d never thought of while awake? All….the….time!
5. What type of loomer/knitter/crocheter are you? Do you like long involved projects, or quickies full of fast satisfaction? I like quick projects. I find myself getting frustrated if I am taking too long to do a project. To me, I had no excuse to take 2 weeks to make a sweater!
6. Have you ever guiltily postponed dinner due to your involvement with a project? Um….too often.
7. What is your ultimate goal in your yarn life? I want to be famous.
8. Do you have a favorite snack you like to munch while working with yarn? Anything that only requires one hand a I can do little nibbling.
9. What is your all time most favorite yarn tool/accessory that you absolutely could not live without? The little plastic case that I use to hold my scissors, crochet hooks, yarn needles, measuring tape, stitch markers, pins, cable needles and stitch holders…OH, and my pick tool!
10. What is your favorite movie? Moulin Rouge
11. What is your favorite book as an adult…and what was yours as a child? It is and always will be ‘The Little White Horse’
12. What are you working on right now with your yarn? A lace scarf that I am designing on the Kiss, a knitted tote that is on the Kiss, a sock on my DA sock loom, another lace scarf on needles.
13. Is there a special project that you’ve been just dying for someone (or yourself) to design? I have a design in my head for a tank top with an intricate cabled design in the center of the chest that will hopefully pull it in and give it some nice shaping around the girls. πŸ˜€
14. Did someone invite you to join in on the party today? You did! I am sure I was first on your guest list!!!

Make sure that all of you go join Bethany’s Blogiversary Party that is taking place RIGHT NOW! GO! NOW! Or you will miss it!!!!!

Finished something new

I actually finished this, I think two weeks ago, but forgot to post it. Whoops! I was very proud of the blanket stitch work that I did when stitching in the purse liner. I did a happy dance because of that. πŸ˜€

It is for my sister for her 22nd b-day on Aug. 10th. πŸ˜€ I used Bethany’s pattern and you can find it HERE. It is very easy and fairly quick if you have the time to sit down and focus on it, unlike me who was trying to do three or four different things at one time. LOL! I have been bouncing from knitting needles to crochet hooks to looms and then back again for about a week or so. I have a lacy keyhole scarf on my needles, just finished up with three travel/neck pillows that I crocheted, and am currently working on my first ever sock on my DALooms EFG Sock Loom while the knitting tote I am designing is on my Kiss Loom. Does that sound CADD (Crafty Attention Deficit Disorder) to you? Hahaha!
Ya’ll don’t forget that the Simple Sweater class on the Kiss Loom starts tomorrow in the Loom Class and lasts for three weeks. Here is the one that I made from the pattern at the beginning of May. πŸ˜€
It was literally a simple sweater. The only challenging thing was that I was making alterations to the arm length and shortened the body of it. I didn’t do too hot with picking up the stitches around the collar, but that is OK. It is still my favorite comfy sweater! πŸ˜€ Hope that everyone taking that class has fun and gains confidence in themselves. πŸ™‚