Tied in Knots With Cables

Last night I did it! I finished my first cables tutorial (it is posted on the Project Lapghan-Afghan blog), though this one is just for the Kiss Looms. I was gonna add one more set of cables to it (the 6 stitch Right and Left Cross cables) then realized that it was already 25 pages long! Yeah, that is just the one for the Kiss Loom. I still need to do one for the KKs and I haven’t even loomed up the pattern for the cabled afghan block yet to make sure that my design works. 😛
Just a sneak peak:

LOL! And I need to make sure and get the tutorial for the next class together before that starts.
But I am trying not to take on too much this week since I am teaching the Pigtail Hat class for Wanda, who is on a 2 month long vacation! Lucky dog! (Love ya! Have fun! Hope to hear from you soon!) 😛

I posted my ‘Summer Spirals’ hat to the Kiss Loom group and Trudy made it already. And in a gorgeous red. I love it! I will be posting the pattern as a free pattern to my pattern page later today.

Um, let’s see…besides that I have already done my 15 minutes of excercise, made pancakes for breakfast, washed dishes and shined my sink, done my Weekly Home Blessing (spend 10 minutes on each task in your home: sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, cleaning mirrors and windows, purging magazines, and taking out garbage). My kids have been one step behind me the whole morning, messing everything up! And I mean it. I give Lady Tru her little tiny broom to sweep the dining room as I finished up in there and headed for the entrance. I turn around and she has spilled the pup’s water and is smearing it (I am guessing mopping) it into the pile of dirt I left to sweep up when I came back through with the dust pan. As soon as I am done mopping the bathroom (I had done the entry first, dining room second, then the bathroom) I took to vacuuming. I did the living room and hallway, came back through the dining room and there is Lady Tru….coloring with green crayon on the floor! Good thing that baby wipes are magic wipes and cleans crayon right up…..but I was still mad. }:( Sir Thade has been no different. Demanding milk before I sit down with my coffee and breakfast (he already had his breakfast in front of him), then as I am finishing my first pancake, spilling the milk all over the table and into the floor. Refusing to do any of the 15 minute pick-up to get the floor ready for sweeping, mopping, and vacuum cleaning EXCEPT that he wanted to pick up shoes that Lady Tru had thrown out of a box and everytime he picked up one and put it in the box, she threw two back out. 😛 Something tells me that I am locking them up for the afternoon…just jokin’. They will lay down to nap/rest in their own rooms…that is what I mean, by lockin’ them up. Gotta be careful what you say nowadays. 😦
OK, well, I am off to check on my class again.

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