What a week!

I think this has been the busiest week of my entire life! And I was loving just about every minute of it!
I feed off of energy and excitement. I didn’t realize that until a few days ago. But I was actually becoming depressed when the excitement of the Project Afghan class died down for a day or two, there. We ended the class for March with a bang, though, didn’t we? It was so much fun! I think that teaching crafters is probably one of the most enjoyable things I have ever done. Crafters are a different group of people from the rest. We care a bit more and therefore enjoy being around eachother more. I don’t think I could ever tire of being around all of my crafty friends. šŸ˜€
Besides teaching the class and being glued to my computer….well, I didn’t get much done. I test loomed Jenny’s block on the Kiss and am halfway done looming it on the KK (for the second time on the KK). I crocheted one preemie hat (these are all really cute…I need to get a pic!) and tried out a preemie bootie pattern…that ended up probably big enough to fit a 3 month old, not a preemie! So, I will just have to put on the puppy dog eyes and tell Chris that I need some smaller hooks because that size D he bought me last weekend just wasn’t small enough! I will be trying out another preemie bootie pattern in the meantime. LOL! I also started knitting a puppy blanket for Gandolph, since he has stolen my blanket. What is with my pets and that darn throw that I knitted up?! First, my fat cat-Garfield, seized it and got pretty mad when I took it back. Acting all indignant and crap. Then the puppy took it over and he won’t settle down throughout the day unless it is on the floor so he can lay on it! Good thing I had one more skein of the yarn left over. Probably just enough to make him a little snuggle blankie. LOL!
So, that means that I have been looming, crocheting, and knitting all in one week….while teaching the Project Afghan Class (and neglecting housework! Haha!)
Next weekend I will be in Arkansas, celebrating my mom’s 50th birthday. She will probably croak that I just put that on here! LOL! But, really my Mama doesn’t look 50. And you can definitely tell that I am my Mama’s daughter. I am gonna try to get a pic or two of her with me and the kids, of course. I was gonna make the visit a total surprise, but after my sis and my hubby started getting nervous that we should let her know, I finally started getting nervous and I just up and called her the other morning to give her a heads up. šŸ˜¦ I had planned out the perfect way to surprise her and everything, but oh well. We will be leaving for Arkansas early Friday and coming back later on Sunday, so if you e-mail me and don’t get a reply…I am outta town, folks!
Ok, well…I think Lady Tru should be awake by now, so off I go to get her.


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