And here I thought that I wouldn’t get to use my hat!

Isela posted signs of spring in her neck of the woods and that she wanted to see other bloggers’ signs which I thought would be really simple stuff here in Mississippi. With the weather being so warm throughout the week last week, I thought I wasn’t going to get to wear my Cion Earflap Hat when it was actually cold. Well, not until next winter, that is. Then on Friday night and early Saturday morning we got our very first snow….in like 3 years. Sir Thade and Lady Tru got to see their first snow and it was so exciting for them. We didn’t go outside b/c it was getting dark as it started coming down. Sir Thade said he wanted hot cocoa anyway. πŸ˜€
Here are the pics of the extent of what accumulated after 14 hours of snowing:

And here are the pics taken only 6 hours after the first set. That’s Mississippi for ya!

Isela, I guess the fact that there were no signs it had even snowed only 6 hours later could be seen as a sign of Spring, right? The snow made my daffodils shrivel or I would post a pic of them. I don’t like showing people sad flowers. And they are REALLY sad. Weaping, actually.

While it was snowing outside my hands were busy making my very first amigurumi. The Baby Octopus from ‘Amigurumi World: Seriously Cute Crochet’. This was my second ever crochet project and I have to say that I did a great job. I didn’t add a face b/c it was for my 4 1/2 month old nephew who got here with his parents at 11:30pm on Friday night. They traveled through the belly of the storm all the way from their house to ours. πŸ™‚ Took my sister an extra 3 hours to get here.
But this octopus turned out much better than the ‘OctoBear’ accident that I had with my first crocheted project. And Dylan loved to chew on all the little legs. πŸ˜€ He really likes my octopi, but fishies are his favorite toys. He loves all the ‘Ocean Wonders’ stuff by Fisher Price. πŸ™‚

And now I am participating in the Baby Items Class on the Kiss Looms on the Loom Class Yahoo Group. I took some ‘no more procrastination’ time and typed up the patterns and charts for the two afghan blocks that I have designed so far. I guess after I loom up a second block for my second pattern and then do Jenny’s block, then I can get to designing my next block. A little more advanced.
And I am trying to talk my SIL into participating in the class. She is a newbie loomer and I think she will learn a lot from the classes as I hope that everyone walks away with something they didn’t know before. πŸ˜€
Well, I am off to have some more coffee (coffee, tea, and chocolate…..those are my vices!) Then I need to see if I can get finished with the baby blanket (52 rows down, 28 to go) for the Class and then I will be attempting to adjust the size of the rest of the items so that they will fit a 4 pound preemie that was born on Friday. His mother is one of my hubby’s employees and I felt a need to make him something special to help him fight his way to strong and healthy! To me, any baby that weighs less than 7 pounds is just so small and fragile. Lady Tru was the smallest baby in my immediate family at 7lb 11oz. Sir Thade is our largest at 9lb 6oz. I was the smallest out of three kids at 8lb 7oz, so to me. an 8 1/2 pound baby is a normal sized baby. I consider my Lady Tru to have been small, but wouldn’t you when your first born was nearly 9 1/2 pounds?! LOL!
Ok, I did say that coffee was on my list. πŸ™‚
Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!


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