What a busy week!

My head is spinning (and not just from the virus the kids so graciously passed on to the loving and doting parent that cares for them so!) This has been one helluva week! I mean, I taught my class on the Strawberry Sundae Delight hat and it turned out to be such a hit. That threw me for a loop b/c I figured that not that many people would be interested in making such a silly hat. I guess there are more silly people like me out there than I realized (apologies to any that don’t like to be called silly. I use that term affectionately for myself. Like calling myself cute! :D)
Well, not only did they enjoy the hat, but the started coming up with brilliant ideas that spin off of my hat! Wanda Sims made the cutest Strawberry Delight TP cover. LOVE IT! And she is now working on a tissue box cover. I would have never thought to make something cute like that from my hat. 🙂
On top of the class, I have still been working on the not so secret project. Most of you have already found out that Jenny and I will be teaching an afghan block class every month starting with the last week of March. I have already designed two blocks and worked another after the first design on the Kiss Loom. I have to reconfigure things there. I think I got the wrong gauge or something and am waiting on Graciela to help me determine what I have done that isn’t quite right. 😛
BTW, I have seen Jenny’s block and it is absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!
Also, I got two crochet books in this week. I am very excited about this first one! Ana has a blog here where you can see more of her CUTE creations! And I think all knitters and loomers should have a book on crocheted trims and borders that you can use on blankets or to finish sweaters, pillows, dishcloths, ALL KINDS OF STUFF!!!

As well as that, I have made one (that’s right, I just took time for ‘me’ for only ONE) of Isela’s cabled mitts with the Ravelry LAL. I love it. It fits, not too big and not too little. The only thing that I am unhappy with is how I decreased for the tip of the fingers….I ended up with holes that I weaved yarn into to fill up. If I do it right next time, I am sure there should be no holes…or less noticeable ones. Hopefully, I can finish up my second one this weekend. Maybe take the day off tomorrow to do it. 🙂

Oh, but the dishes that have piled up over this week! I can’t believe that I haven’t done dishes in 4 days! Yes, we were sick…but my son kept saying that he wanted this or that that he would normally eat on his meal schedule, then wouldn’t eat it! UGH! And my daughter didn’t lose much of her appetite and hubby didn’t catch it until today and you wouldn’t have noticed with the two tomato sandwiches and bowl of veggie soup he ate! So, Robin will be dishwasher first thing in the morning after a nice, hot, cleansing shower! My appetite has just come back in the past hour and is ravenous! Hahaha!
And just b/c this Mom-O is so proud of her big boy, I have to post this pic of the picture that Sir Thade drew for me and didn’t even show me. I happened to see it sitting on the table and had to get a pic of him holding it. BTW, it says Mom-O but since he is left handed and just turned three he writes from right to left! LOL! Doesn’t make it any less sweet, though!

Lady Tru feeling sickly (her hair is so unruly when she won’t leave a barrette in it):

And both kids having a good moment and paused while playing peek-a-boo with the other end of my quilt:

Almost forgot! Meet Gandolph, the newest member of our family that was added this week as well! He is a 7 week old long haired chihuahua…and chunky one! But he is a very good puppy. Only a handful of accidents but 95% of the time he goes potty outside like he is supposed to. I have already taught him to sit. 😀 I can’t wait until he gets a bit bigger so that I can make him sweaters…though with his thick fur right now, he might not need them. There will always be chew toys though. This puppy likes my yarn and the knobby ends on the KK loom pegs. Hmmmm, I will have to be much careful of where I leave my ‘toys’. Nemisis, my min/pin is very smart and you just tell her once to not touch something, it isn’t hers…and she just doesn’t look at it again. Gandolph doesn’t quite have the memory for that yet. 😦


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