Hmm, no pictures?

No, there are no pictures in this post. I am working on the pattern for a ruffled edge hat…that has spawned more ruffled edged hats. So it is going to be a package where you get more than one hat pattern with the purchase. And I didn’t want to post pics and give it away. I was hoping to have the pattern up for sale yesterday, but we were super busy and barely even home on Thursday and yesterday. I have only had time to loom up the hats, but no time to do the patterns. Since Fridays are the days I have chosen to post my patterns, you will just have to wait for next Friday! πŸ˜€

On Thursday we got our taxes done. Well, it is really Chris’ taxes but I get to spend some money too! And yesterday we got a check for most of the money (that is something offered by the accountants we use).
I told Chris that I wanted to order an EFG oval sock loom from DA Looms along with the Kiss Loom Combo 2 Modular Unit that he promised me. He said OK, and I am using some of the money I have made over the past couple weeks to purchase the cables booklet that Isela had released in December. So, when I was on the DA Loom site trying to narrow down what loom I needed I decided the EFG oval sock loom looked like a good candidate that wouldn’t use up too much money. But then I saw the Wonderloom in the small gauge and I want that too! Ever since I saw it I have been coming up with more and more ideas for patterns and I don’t even have the darn thing! So, I added that to my wish list hoping that he will tell me to go ahead and order it as an early b-day present b/c we never have money when it is my b-day. Keep your fingers crossed, Ya’ll! I want it, and I want it NOW!
Sir Thade is excited to tell ya’ll that, according to the pediatrician office, he is 41″ tall, weighs 36 pounds, and his b-day is this upcoming Thursday. He will be three and he tells me everyday that his birthday is soon. πŸ˜€ We are getting him a $150 kitchen set from Toys’R’Us b/c he loves to pretend to cook. And he also wanted the table and chairs that comes matches it. So, the kitchen will be a belated Christmas gift (Chris and I couldn’t afford to get the kids anything for Christmas, but don’t fret….God and family and friends gave the kids a wonderful Christmas!) And the table and chairs will be considered Thade’s b-day present. πŸ˜€ He is gonna love it. And we bought his booster seat yesterday. He is so excited about that!
As for Lady Tru, she is 32″ and 21.5 pounds (at 15 months old) and she got a porcelain baby Princess Aurora doll that she thinks is a regular baby doll and can’t figure out why Mom-O won’t let her take it out of the box. Princess Aurora is her favorite princess and we have a bunch of the dolls around. She loves baby dolls!
Ok, that is enough rambling and filling up space. πŸ˜›

LATE BREAKING NEWS: I have just went loom shopping crazy (hubby told me to do it, so don’t freak!) and purchased the DA Looms EFG sock loom, Wonderloom, a wooden handled pick tool, and Kathy Norris’ ‘More Knitting Wheel Fashions’…..the cables booklet was out of stock. 😦 Then I went over to Kiss Looms and ordered the Combo 2! OMG, I am so excited to get these looms in. I want to hold them and love them and squeeze them….then yell ‘OUCH’ b/c I am sure that those pegs and pins aren’t too comfy to squeeze. LOL! I can’t wait!!!! Yippee!!!!!!!


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  1. Guppygirl
    Jan 27, 2008 @ 01:37:00

    Oh, I’m so jealous πŸ™‚ As Napoleon Dynamite would say “Lucky!” I can’t wait to see the hats you’ve designed. Have a great day!


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