And without further delay

Here is the initial scarf that will be delivered to hubby’s employee tomorrow. I still had leftover yarn and wanted to thank her for her patience (I was finishing up late Christmas gifts and then got the sinus infection…AND DANGED IF I DIDN’T MAIL OFF THE BEARS W/OUT GETTING A PIC!!!!) so I made her a matching hat w/out initials. I really hope she likes it. She said that she LOVES Cody’s hat and that he wears it everyday. He is only 5 or 6 and loves the fact that his initials are on his hat. 😀

And these little guys are for preemies…..though I don’t know yet if they will even fit. I sure hope they do. But if not, I can always frog them or give them to a poor little deserving baby doll (b/c you know, Little Miss Tru didn’t have enough in the first place and so she recieved 7 regular sized ones and 7 mini ones for Christmas. :P)

In other news, I purchased the Knitting Pattern a Day calendar from Books-A-Million on sale for half off. EXCITING!!!!
I also found the grippy for my hooks that I have been searching for everywhere (pics will be in next post). It is called ‘The Pencil Grip’ and I had originally purchased one in college, had it for several years, used it last about a week before buying my first KK loom set, and POOF! It has disappeared off the radar. You can imagine how I freaked at the checkout counter at Books-A-Million when I saw a container of them!!!! Cashier thought I was crazy. I only got one at that moment…..but I am thinking I need ten more. They are only $.25 so it isn’t that expensive and they make my pick sooooooo comfy. Big smiles and happiness here (and over a stupid grippy). LOL!
And quick question for all who have or had small children……do your kids eat yarn? I caught Little Miss Tru eating, YES EATING, pink yarn the other day. It was soaked with spit. EEEeeeeEEEEeeeEEEeeEEEWWWW! Sir Thade hasn’t ever put it in his mouth, but then again, he is almost 3 (TURNS 3 ON THE LAST DAY OF THIS MONTH!!!!!)
Well, hubby is beckoning me to go to bed…..I am so tired.
Rock those looms!


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  1. Brenda GA, Dome-Dweller
    Jan 11, 2008 @ 04:33:00

    Love you initial scarf & hat! Very preppie.


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