Wow, uneventful day.

I feel like I have accomplished nothing today. I was supposed to ‘get looming’ as my hubby told me to do (imagine that! He didn’t say to do the dishes or clean up the living room, but to get looming. Haha! Just so I can finish up what I have on my to do list so that I can make the hat and scarf for an employee, I am sure. I’ll get to it!) Anyway, I finished up an ‘Imperfectly Perfect Bear’ last night. He is green and white and I named him Gulliver. I decided to do the two days worth of dishes this morning and I am currently working on Gulliver’s sister, Rosa. She only has a body and arms right now, so I just have to do her legs and ears, then she will be ready to go.
After that, I am working on two adult male hats. I want to use some of the patterns in my head for them. I need to graph the designs out to make sure it will work and then loom them up and take pics of them. Hopefully it will show up with the black yarn I plan on using, but something tells me it won’t. I can’t wait to get the kinks worked out on my hat patterns so that I can start selling them.
This poor little red-head needs money for yarn and more extravagant looms, ya know? I REALLY can’t wait until our income tax refunds come in b/c then I get to order my Kiss Modular Unit. I should talk to Graciela and get a feel for just what I need to order though. She is so smart. I call her the ‘Kiss Expert’ in my head. Sounds too kinky to say outloud. Whoops! I just did! 😀
Me and the kids are under the weather. Have been for the past couple days. Just sinus issues. The kids only have runny noses but me….oh I have to feel like I am knocking on Death’s door. Sneezing, burning throat, pressure in my forehead that makes me feel like I am crossing my eyes and I can’t think straight.
And in the midst of all of this, I have been obsessed with trying to answer every question submitted by every new comer on the Knifty Knitter Looms Yahoo Group. I don’t know why I feel that I have to do it. Like I am the only person in the world that could help these people. HA! Robin, you aren’t that great. No ‘Goddess of the Looms’ are you! But I try. And I think I succeeded……..IN CONFUSING SOME POOR NEWBIES, that is! Since, I can’t think straight I think I might not be able to type straight either and I think I might have made problems worse for a few people instead of helping them. Poor people. I hope they don’t give up the looms b/c of me. :*(
Ok, well, enough of that. I apologize for not having pics of the ‘Imperfectly Perfect Bears’ but should have some for you soon! 😀


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  1. ~Raven
    Dec 31, 2007 @ 02:57:00

    Hey Robin:
    Was visiting Iris’s new blog and saw your post about being from Mississippi and figured since I am originally from Franklin County I had better extend some hospitality and pay your site a visit. Your bears are adorable, the hats and scarves are just beautiful also. And your model is cute enough to eat! What a sweetie! Anyway, I am sure we are in some at least 2 groups together! Hope to see more of your projects soon!
    Take care, and happy New Year!
    Wish I were back home instead of in Utah! Is COLD here! 🙂
    Vivian McKnight


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