Charity Group for Northeast Mississippi

Penny and I, well mostly Penny, are trying to get a charity group together up here in the Northeast Corner of MS. I am guessing that it will probably be based out of Tupelo. Right now we are focusing on loomers, but it will probably expand on to ANY craft that can be donated or auctioned off for charity.
I think for now the focus is on hats for St. Jude and LeBonheur (did I spell that right?) And blankets, too. But hopefully we can expand as needed.
If any of you are interested PLEASE LET US KNOW!!!! Right now it is just the two of us and that is why we need more people.
Oh, and you can visit Penny HERE. I say that she is doing most of the work b/c she truly is. She is way more organized than I and I think she knows a lot more than I do on how to go about this. I feel like I am just along for the ride for now, but really REALLY want to help her out!
This is going to be a great thing and I am proud to be a part of it. 😀


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